We repair all mobile devices

Have you run your phone over with a law mower? Did your tablet get hit by a truck? We Can Help! At QuisTech, we can fix just about anything wrong with your mobile device, from screen replacement to data recovery on old devices. Call today for a free quote on your repair!

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Our technicians have 10+ years of combined experience repairing every mobile device under the sun.

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Shipping speeds may vary depending on your location, but our repair times do not. We fix your device quickly and with great attention to detail.

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Repairing your device and saving you money

Mobile devices come with us everywhere. Accidents are bound to happen. When your phone screen breaks or your tablet won't charge, good repair guys are hard to find. So should you just give up and get a new device? No, you bring it to QuisTech Repair! We can source parts for almost all phones on the market. We've fixed phones with water damage, data loss, battery problems, and bad charging ports. We've fixed phone that were run over by cars, trains, and even lawn mowers. If it is fixable, we can get it done.