Questions & Answers

1What Kinds of Phones Do We Fix?
We fix just about any and every phone from major phone providers like Android and Google. Some newer models released in the past two years do not have parts available for purchase yet and in that case we would be referring you to your phone provider for the repair.
2How Long Do Repairs Usually Take?
Because we fix such a wide variety of devices, we have a limited inventory of available parts in stock. We will need to see the device in question before ordering parts. Shipping can take up to 4 business days and the replacement of parts will be done in under an hour. Times on data recovery and other software related issues may vary depending on the device.
3Do We Buy/Sell Used Phones?
The simple answer? Sometimes. When a customer approaches us with a used device they no longer need, we may not be the best option for that customer and we let them know if they can sell the device elsewhere for more money. We often do have a stock of used phones in our storefront. Give us a call and see if we have a phone for you!
4How Much Will My Repair Cost?
Our options may not be the cheapest in the area, but with the speed and quality of our repairs, we know we charge a good and fair price for our services. If you need a quote on your repair give us a call or come see us at our store front.

Real Stories

Wonder if we can fix your device? Here's some real repairs we've done since opening in 2017.

Ran Over By a Lawn Mower

This phone was run over completely by a lawn mower and managed to only break his screen. Despite the fact that the frame was bent and the screen was shattered, we were able to replace the bent and broken parts and get the phone working again.

Ran Over By a Car

It's a mystery how some phones survive some accidents. This phone was run over by a car and left outside. Despite this, it incurred no water damage. The customer recieved a new phone through their insurance and we transfered the data from the broken phone to the new one.

Rock Slide

Ever had a phone fall into a rock pile being poured out of a dump truck? How about three times? This phone was fixed up all three occasions and good as new.

iPod Data Recovery

Old devices can have pictures, video, and music that want back after the device no longer functions. In this case, a customer have an old music player that had recordings that they wanted on their new phone. Our data recovery software was able to recover the data they wanted.